Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 11, 2018

Be alarmed

I bought nine very small, high-pitched alarms that can be carried on your person — one each for my two college daughters, one for my wife and the other six for their closest college friends. One of my daughter’s college friends used it when he was approached and the two guys turned around and walked away. These alarms should be given out to all students across this nation. They are so inexpensive. Schools can set up rules on the alarms’ use. If you are going to your car, hitting your car alarm button along with your personal alarm will attract attention. Will schools implement this no-brainer? Not if the NRA has any say in it, but we’ll see. I’ve already told my daughters to inform their colleges they are carrying personal alarms and they will use them if threatened.

How so?

How is it possible the Mississippi Gaming Commission will consider allowing a casino to be built in Long Beach when the city government cannot enforce a simple sidewalk ordinance?

Check it out!

Someone should check the correlation between a crazy and being a Democrat because they seem same to me.

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