Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 10, 2018

Do you like being thanked?

Now that we’ve been thanking active military members and veterans for their service for quite a number of years, I wonder how most feel about it. I can see how it might be intrusive, especially if one is in uniform and it happens a lot. Let us know in Sound Off, please.

Lipstick on a pig

The $20 million to $40 million BP windfall directed toward new stormwater outfall drains for South Mississippi beaches are proposed to allay visitor revulsion with currently unsightly metal and concrete drains — but the proposed “upgrade” strikes me as equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig as it will do nothing to remedy current bacterial dangers when skinny dipping into our fetid sandy tourist attraction.

Go Admirals!

Thank you for finally putting coverage of high school football on the front page of the sports section! Go Admirals!

The real problem

Gun availability is not the problem with the violence. Millions of guns are owned by responsible Americans. The problems are with our liberal judicial system. Gun abusers are released back onto the streets multiple times to commit more crimes. Living in the New Orleans area proves that.

What do you know?

In all honesty, do you know anything at all about the person you just voted for? Do you honestly think any empty headed pawn talking head politician knows anything about the motives of those controlling their purse strings? No? Didn’t think so. All you know is that some entertainer or pundit told you to vote for them. And you did so simply to feel a part of something.

Right or wrong

Half of America thinks they are right and the other half is wrong. And guess what? Half of you are wrong. I bet you think it is the other half that is wrong, but there is a 50 percent chance it is you. Yet somehow you are sure it is the other half.

Why not?

Now that we have a two-party Congress, they will have to cooperate or shut down the government so it was a good election result. And now I have a suggestion that might help to minimize the political trash-talking in this column. My notion is that we ought to quit with the labels, i.e., Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, Nazi or socialist, and as an intelligent alternative write only of specific issues along with supporting factual evidence. For example, aren’t the issues surrounding education, health care, national debt, the environment, alcohol and other drug abuse more worthy of your concern than exchanging in childish name-calling?

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