Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 9, 2018

Good article

The article in paper, “Merkel’s refugee policy dealt serious blow to government,” should be printed as the only article, front page of the paper, daily, until the politicians in our country learn something. It is a shame that this article was not printed months prior to the midterm elections.

Pick up the signs

Elections were two days ago. And yet there have to be at least 30 campaign signs still on Success Road in Harrison County. Why are the candidates not required to pick the signs up?

Wanting to vote

How come we voted for a school bond but didn’t get to vote for the aquarium or ball park?

No easy choice

The problem with elections this time around was the lack of candidates. So many of the positions had no choices. And many of the ones who had choices were people I had never heard of. Voting is a right I strongly support. Unfortunately it is often not an easy choice.

Stop the violence

More families crying on TV because of family killed in a mass shooting. What is wrong with this country that we can’t see how gun availability is a big part of this problem. How many have to die before we put the breaks on the easily available guns?

On her own

Cindy Hyde-Smith should distance herself from the Donald and learn to think for herself.

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