Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 8, 2018

Great job

We recently visited Ocean Springs Upper Elementary School to watch the performance of the gifted sixth-graders dancing to “Thriller.” There must have been at least 50 of them and they never missed a beat. What a great thing for these children. We were very impressed and kudos to the teachers who instructed them.

What happened?

I thought Steven Palazzo fired Nancy Pelosi years ago. Guess he didn’t do as promised. She’s back.

Candidates needed

It’s an embarrassment for our area to have so many one-candidate elections. When there is no choice, something is amiss.

Get it fixed

A broken tail light is dangerous and illegal. Don’t be irresponsible and put off getting it fixed. Get it fixed today.

Keeping it clean

A big thank you to Mike Espy for airing positive, thought-provoking and dignified campaign ads.

Some suggestions

A message to Democrats: Yes. You’ve gained control of one half of Congress: the House. But by a slim margin. This isn’t a referendum on Trump’s policies or a slap in the face of Republicans. No. 1: If you make the next two years nothing more than gridlock and never-ending investigations, we the people will make sure you go away. We want a government that works for us. No. 2: Tone down your rhetoric from your extreme base. You preach about working toward a common good and tout tolerance. Prove it.

A little angry

The Democrats now have control of the House of Representatives. I am not expecting enlightened leadership, and the solving of all of our problems. I am hoping for investigations, indictments, retribution and revenge.

A good showing

Hats off to David Baria for taking on the big money candidate. Quite good showing in a red state.

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