Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 7, 2018

Balance needed?

Don't you have a responsibility to print opposing views? Monday's Sound Offs included a fan letter to Trump, but no compensating dose of reality. It's hard to understand how so many people continue to believe everything he says when many of his remarks are shown to be untrue. His 300 accomplishments are probably good golf scores since he refuses to spend the time to read and understand the issues he faces as our president. Sad. Bet you don't print this opposing point of view.

Who dat

Unbeaten all season just to lose to the Saints? OMG. Hope the Rams are completely embarrassed.

Doing the work

Noticed this morning private folks are taking this glorious mess of weeds into their hands and are out there doing the state’s job.

Better management

Who is in charge of elections in Jackson County? I went to the new location for voting in West Jackson County. Previously it had been in a large building that could hold everyone and it had a large parking lot and plenty of voting machines. Now it is in a much smaller building with almost no parking and very few machines. It took forever. What in the world were they thinking?

One bad idea

Amazing that big companies with executives making really big salaries can shut down or claim bankruptcy but leave a big environmental mess that will be a problem for years. Putting all that horrendous stuff under a rug will not make it go away

Not paying taxes

A little something to add about the robots taking jobs. Think about all the self checkout stands in our stores. Each self checkout station means there is one less person paying state and federal taxes, along with not paying into social security.

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