Sound Off


Under the ‘rug’

The new plan to “clean up” the horrendous Superfund environmental hazard in Jackson County is to put the entire area under artificial turf. Literally, putting it under the rug.

A fun time

The Peter Anderson Festival was fantastic. However I believe the best booths were the children who were selling their art work in front of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Start them when they are young.

Selfish actions?

I sure hope that Saints receiver Michael Thomas is not going to put his actions above the good of the team like Joe Horn did. His cell phone celebration and resulting penalty could have cost the team the game.

An idea

I’m not a traffic guru, but seems to me Gulfport should be lobbying for federal gas tax funding to build a highway like Interstate 110 from Interstate 10 to U.S. 90. Would probably ease a lot of U.S. 49 traffic problems since most traffic is people heading to I-10 and north. Also would probably make the port a lot more attractive to shipping and bring in a lot more visitors.

What did you expect?

To the disgruntled driver who has to drive U.S. 90 twice a day: Did you read your own post? Hard Rock, Beau Rivage and construction in a few short blocks? And you probably go through this area during “drive time.” What do you expect?

Work from robots

Most people are not aware the extent to which robots are replacing humans in the workforce. Mega-companies like Amazon, Google and Apple have been spending billions on robotics. Amazon is hiring 20,000 less workers this holiday season as robots do more and more. Very soon there will only be a couple of employees in a McDonald’s restaurant.

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