Sound Off

Sound Off

Amazing comments

It never ceases to amaze me when I read the comments in Sound Off. Someone actually thinks illegal aliens cannot just walk across the border. The question is: How many millions have already done that? How does that person think the 10-14 million that are here now got here?

Best interests

To all my liberal friends, please ensure you follow the Hollywood elite on who to vote for. You know they always have your best interests at heart. Not.

What’s the price?

Do the liberals and Democrats buy Sound Off space per comment?

Great work

Kudos to the Waste Pro workers. We had a lot of tree branches over three weeks and they got every one of them. Then we called the big truck with the claw and it was great to watch him operate that claw. Thanks guys for all you did.

Like what I see

I continually hear that Trump isn't presidential enough. Based on his performance for the past two years and the benefits we have enjoyed, I no longer want to vote for a professional politician for president again. Give me a successful business person, no matter what party they represent.

Consult the manual

Time to consult your driver manuals. You do not stop for a flashing yellow light. You reduce speed and proceed with caution. It figures though. The same drivers that don't stop for right on red and red lights stop at a flashing yellow light.

Can’t be waived

If the Constitution could be waived by an executive order, what good is it? Thank God, it cannot; not by a vote of Congress, either.

Sea salt?

Need help. Does anyone know where you can purchase Sea salt? Have tried different businesses but to know avail.

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