Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 3, 2018

Missing Roseanne

The “Connors” without Roseanne is like the Three Stooges without Moe.

Blue wave?

Tuesday, let’s flip Mississippi to blue.

Work needed

Once again I will write on the need to raise the level of Cedar Lake Road near the bridge. Who knows if that houseboat will float out onto the road?

Inform yourself

Just because a candidate has been in office a long time doesn’t mean they’re qualified or good at their job. People would be well served to check credentials. There are ways to check a judge’s appeal records. Be an informed voter.

Great results

Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats are ready to put into action a lot of good ideas. If they’re the same “good” ideas they enacted during the time of Obama, I’ll pass, thank you. The Democrats always seem to have good intentions but quite often their good intentions have terrible results. In just two years, President Trump has had good ideas and, more importantly for the nation, has produced great results. I just hope this progress is not stymied by a Democratic House.

Tweeting Trump

Why does President Trump tweet all the time? He is circumventing the biased and suppressive news media. Both aired and printed. Not printing this Sound Off will verify this statement.

Stick to facts

I can’t believe that you published the Sound Off “A lot of yelling.” You must realize that many in your readership cannot differentiate between sarcasm/tongue-in-check comments and fact. I know the writer intended the voting dates to be tongue-in-check, but a certain number of your readers are going to take those dates as fact. There is enough voter suppression going on in our country without something like this being printed.

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