Sound Off


Nov. 6 — for all

Why on earth would the Sun Herald publish the wrong dates for next week’s elections? In Thursday’s Sound Off titled “A lot of yelling,” the wrong date was given for “Voting Democrat.” Even though it was a sarcastic comment, some people may take it seriously. It was inappropriate to publish false information. The correct date for the election is Tuesday, Nov. 6, FOR ALL VOTERS. I am very disappointed with the Sun Herald for not making the correct date clear.

The flip side

I’m pretty sure it is Democrats on Nov. 6th, and Republicans on the 7th.

Phone inquiry

Where can I take used cell phones for battered women to use or for soldiers to call home?


What does Biloxi spend taxpayers’ money upon? If not roads, then what? On pay raises — yes. Repairs to properties citizens own or to maintain the ones they built — no. Where do they spend our dollars? Not roads, obviously.

When it rains ...

Rain, rain, go away. Come back on Election Day!

New ways to vote

There should be a way Gulf Coast residents can vote while stuck at traffic lights or while in line at the all-you-can-eat buffet. That’ll increase turnout.

Why no trick-or-treaters?

What’s the deal? There were a lot people walking all down the middle of our street with little kids but no one going to anyone’s doors trick-or-treating. We had bought candy, and not a one trick-or-treater. Another friend went out of her way and really decorated her place and had no trick-or-treaters. My brother bought 20 pounds of candy and had no trick-or-treaters. I am disappointed beyond belief. We went out of our way, spent our hard earned money on candy. We won’t do that again! Have all the churches taken the fun out of our neighborhoods? Not all people are bad people, and a lot of people on our street decorated just for Halloween with no results from trick-or-treaters. We just wanted to see them having fun!

Slow to get it

As long as I can remember, slow traffic moving to the right lane was a rule. If not a rule you can remember, then common courtesy and being aware of your surroundings is reason enough. The vehicle going 30 mph one minute, 50 mph the next minute is my pet peeve. Get off the phone! Don’t get me started on people who pass me and then turn 30 seconds later.

Just a question

Should everything be part of the free market?

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