Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 1, 2018

Great work Gautier

A great big thank you to the MGCJC system, and especially the Jackson County campus, for the wonderful event, “Trunk or Treat,” held in Gautier Oct. 30. The event couldn’t have been any better. It was run efficiently and with so many activities for everyone including food booths and music, and a climbing wall, dancing lions and dancing dinosaurs. Everyone was delightfully kind and courteous to each other. This is my Gautier, and tonight it made my heart sing.

Keeping us divided

The most alarming part of the current political environment is that both parties will do just about anything to keep their power. This should be a wake up call for all Americans. They have us right were they want us: divided.

The current system

We do not have open borders. If an immigrant is asking for asylum, that person is vetted (investigated) before being allowed to enter. No immigrant can just cross the border. It just doesn't happen, despite what Trump says.

Being open

Many of our elected officials would love to debate and have meetings with their constituents, but unfortunately that is not possible. There are persons out there that want to go to these meetings with only the purpose of interrupting the meetings. I have seen persons that do not wish to hear from the presenter. In the olden days we would go to meetings to hear from those on the other side, to hear their platform. I can communicate with the persons I wish to elect about their platform via the media or personal contact. Much better. Too bad we cannot treat each other with respect. We do not need to agree, but be open to others.

A lot of yelling

Why would anyone want to do a town hall forum with a bunch of liberals hollering the whole time? Remember, voting Republican is Nov. 6 and voting Democrat is Nov. 7.

Not presidential

President Trump doesn't need the media to say anything. His comments and tweets speak volumes. Not presidential at all.

Elections count

Your vote counts. By not voting, you are voting for the winners of an election. Do not take for granted that others will make the right decision for you. All elections count.

Cleaning up again

Our government is borrowing over a trillion dollars this year to cover the largest deficit in history. It's time to elect Democrats to clean up after the elephants - again. Or you can keep Mitch McConnell, who is promising to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to cover their lie that the tax cut would pay for itself. Never has and never will.

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