Sound Off

Sound Off

Thanks, Bo

I want to thank Anthony Kneale, aka Bo, for his work keeping our neighborhood free of trash. At first I thought maybe he was being paid by the city. But, after talking to him, he says he is just tired of looking at it. I wish everyone would just pick up the trash in front of their own property.

Football memories

About 50 years ago I remember all the players wanting a new thing called stickum. It came in spray cans, and in jars of a dull yellow goo. It caught on quick. Every trip to the bench players were spraying and loading up the outside of their socks with the goo. Funniest memory was of the referee placing the ball, and when he lifted his hand the ball came with it. Anyhow, after the second game, all the stickum was gone from the locker room, and our coach informed us anyone caught using it would forfeit the game. We have troops all over the world protecting borders from invasion, why should ours be open ?

Some thought

Sometimes my comments aren’t refined. They’re raw. Don’t be quick to judge. Give it some thought.

Fix the system

Why should I lend credibility to a discouragingly broken federal system that gave me a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by voting? You say “vote,” I say “don’t vote” until our in-your-face federal system undergoes major reform. Do vote in our local elections, where our vote could actually mean something.

Not acceptable

Beautiful evening for walking on Waveland beach. I noticed farther down the beach a large unleashed German Shepard racing around chasing the shorebirds. I watched this a few minutes before noticing a person following the dog at a distance. I started toward them to remind the handler unleashed dogs chasing shorebirds is very unpopular. But the handler knew that because when I started walking in their direction alone the young lady and her unleashed dog fled in the opposite direction to her black convertible sports car. Unfortunately the shorebirds also disappeared. I don’t think dogs chasing shorebirds is acceptable.

Media issues

The contrast couldn’t be more stark and clear. The media is dishonest in its portrayal of President Trump when compared to people they favor, particularly ultra liberals, Hollywood stars, Democrat darlings and socialist organizations. Any of those people can say vile and fabricated things about Trump with virtual impunity, but let Trump be blunt in truth and the world goes orbital.

What’s the problem?

I don’t watch the Giants but I have noticed that Eli Manning has very good numbers every week but the team doesn’t score much. What’s wrong?

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