Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 30, 2018

Go vote

Please, everyone get out and vote. But if your candidate loses, let it go. There will be another chance in a couple of years. Better yet, if you think you can do better, run for office yourself next time.

Bring in wildflowers

After driving through Georgia on Interstate 85 recently, I noticed multiple areas of the median filled with wildflowers and I wondered why Mississippi doesn't do that. It's not only beautiful, but cost efficient as it doesn't need mowing.

What did I hear?

I went to the Harrison Central/D'Iberville football game Friday night. Political ads, the same as on TV, hawking the school bond issue were blasted over the public address system over and over and over during the game. In all my years going to games all over the state and southeast, I have never heard a single political ad at a game.

The best thing

The best thing about baseball is … it is over.

Better management

I’m not opposed to helping people that need help, but I am opposed to letting more people into this country and it costing Americans more in taxes and health care. Why do we all think we can take care of more people? Our taxes, health care and social security is in a mess because of our elected officials not knowing how to manage the people we already have here.

Time for change?

Our two senators, Wicker and Hyde-Smith, our representative, Palazzo. have kept us at 50th in every bad measurable category in the country. Maybe its time for someone else to try.


People have random thoughts and say things and sometimes contradict themselves. Maybe they’re just thinking out loud and hashing out details to come to an agreement with everyone.

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