Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 29, 2018

Stop it!

I would prefer to listen to a good Southern accent rather than what I consider “baby talk” being used by young ladies of today. This is especially true when listening to the news on television.

Road not taken?

So glad that Ivanka Trump visited our wonderful area. Just curious which route she took from our airport to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. Hope it wasn’t down Courthouse Road.

Ban all technology

You are correct, sticky gloves should be banned from football. In addition, ban all technology, including communication devices, instant replay and televised games. Free up the airways for educational programs.

Not a big deal

I don’t see what the big deal is about the high grass on Hwy. 67. Some of the species growing have colorful flowers and brighten the roadway. You complain about the trash — do something about it. I personally pick up a tote bag full of trash every time I walk. Most of it is from people leaving a gas station with five perfectly good garbage cans.

A better way

I am surprised to find that Mississippi still allows firefighters to hold “Fill the Boot” donation solicitations at busy intersections. This presents a traffic hazard to motorists who expect to proceed on a green traffic light, but instead must avoid vehicles stopping in the lane to drop money into a boot. Firefighters also put themselves at risk standing in the turning lanes of intersections; does insurance cover these employees who are acting outside the scope of their duties? There are safer ways to solicit donations.

Bad analogy

Taxing bikes for bike lanes is a bad analogy for taxing cars. Ninety-five percent of bike owners are not paying for bike lanes. The purpose of the substantial gas tax is for maintenance of our roads. If we now have vehicles that use little or no gas, they are not paying their share for the roads they use. I would be happy to have tax removed from gas and everyone pay the tax to support roads with your tags.

The solution

Should we laugh or should we cry? The solution is to get to the polls and VOTE!


Are we using “smart city” concept — data /technology used to improve public life? Street light technology can be used to gather information!

Consider this

Please consider not voting for any politician who will not meet with his constituents and refuses to debate his opponents. One must assume that they have something to hide from the voters.

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