Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 26, 2018

Cut the grass

The grass on Mississippi 67 needs cutting. It has been at least six months since it was last cut. It is 4 feet to 5 feet tall in places. Why doesn't Mississippi do a better job of maintaining the highways and road ways? When they do cut it they just run over the trash and cut it up. Recently they cut Interstate 10, leaving it in a garbage dump situation. One would think they would take more pride in their work. Maybe the lottery will provide additional funding to help maintain our highways and roadways better. Anything would be an improvement.

Ban the gloves

They should ban those super sticky gloves in football. All those guys gotta do is touch the ball and it sticks. That isn’t athleticism.

Costs too high

The cost of prescription drugs is insane. I took my prescription for Zovirax to my pharmacy, and the co-pay cost to me was $700. It would be $2,000 without insurance. I googled Canadian drug stores and found the same brand name cream for $57. The people of this country are being gouged by bureaucracy and greed. Thank goodness President Trump is trying to fix this.

A crime?

Global warming is a crime against humanity.

Helping the people

Yes, I am a practicing Christian of 68 years. Yes I have helped many homeless people along the way with my own resources and still do. I have not taken any into my home but I know the contacts to help them with food, shelter and getting them back on their feet and use it. I always treat them with dignity and I still think Jesus would expect us to treat the people in the migrant caravan the same. That is what I have been taught being Christian is.

Blessing America

Maybe individually we can't perform the miracle of the loaves and fishes, but, collectively as a smaller nation we did. After WWII our leaders followed the principles that Jesus taught us, and, through generosity of spirit rebuilt and reorganized the world to work together. Though not perfect we all reaped the blessings of peace and prosperity. This president tells us we must withdraw within our borders, be afraid, greedy, cruel, heartless. The miracle is how quickly he tore down everything we had built up and turned us against each other. God did bless that America, not this new one.

Road closing?

How much longer will Daisy Vestry Road be closed in D’Iberville?

Pointing out facts

President Obama was not trying to take credit for what Trump has not done, he was pointing out the facts. If you avid believers would check your facts, you will see the truth for yourselves. In fact, the stock market has given back all its gains since 2018.

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