Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 25, 2018

Don’t throw stones

You knew it was coming, folks ... the bomb threats are all Trump’s fault. I remember when everything was laid on Bush when Obama was president. It just won’t wash, liberals. Take a good, soul searching look in the mirror before throwing any stones.

Please vote

This election will determine whether we will remain one nation, under God, or if we will continue to let a president rip us asunder. We, the people, have the power to decide. Vote as if it might be your last.

Math question

OK, so the taxes won’t go up if I vote for the school bond. But would they go down if there were no school bond?

Remaining anonymous

I hope when we finally get our lottery, the powers that be will allow winners to remain anonymous. There are stories of lottery winners being robbed and even killed as well as threats of kidnapping family members. Winners should have the option to remain anonymous if they desire.

Who gets credit?

When Donald Trump ran for office in 2016, he promised Americans that jobs would come back from overseas, the economy would be restored and the GDP would go over 4 percent. President Obama, campaigning for Hillary, mocked and ridiculed him, saying it would take a magic wand. Now that it has happened, Obama wants to take credit for it.

Empowering someone

As a Christian I guess I would make sure their basic needs are met, then I would find a way to help them take back their tyrannical oppressive government and grow their society. I think atheist liberals use the word “empowerment” to describe it.

Checking on answer

Not sure if being a Christian means sitting back just letting people come take your house. I’ll check.

What will you do?

To “how will your answer,” how many migrants will you welcome into your home to feed and comfort?

God bless America

In response to “how will you answer” in Wednesday’s Sound Off: I am a Christian and I believe Jesus would welcome all the migrants but we have to remember that Jesus fed 5,000 men plus all the women and children with five loaves of bread and two fish and there were leftovers. In present time we do not have any one in the world that can perform a miracle of this magnitude. Not President Trump, not even Barack Obama. Let’s be realistic. As Christians we need to help first all the American citizens that are homeless and need our help. God bless America.

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