Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 23, 2018

Uplifting story

I wanted to thank the Sun Herald for the positive and uplifting story on Monday’s front page, “The day I was born.” I commend Ms. Welford for sharing her story in hopes it will benefit many others. Congratulations to Mr. Churchwell. How incredible to see young people helping others.

Let’s get moving

How much money has flowed and will continue to flow over to neighboring states as long as we don't have a lottery in place? Not just in lottery tickets, but gas and food as Mississippians make an event out of it. This week all Gov. Phil Bryant has to do is sit in the parking lot of the first convenience store across the state line to see the parade of cash that is not going into his budget.

Fake news

If there’s so much fake news, where are all the libel and slander lawsuits? Maybe it is because it is not fake news, it is just news the complainers don’t like.

All the calls

If you are Medicare eligible you are getting massive phone calls because this is the time for open enrollment. Every insurance company wants your business. I just declined a call as I’m writing this Sound Off. It will go away.

Answering the phone

I cannot believe people still fall for so many "unavailable" or whatever calls from people they do not know. It has been said so many times, if you do not know who is calling, don’t answer. Maybe if more people did this it would stop so many unwanted calls.

Focusing on fear

I have to give it to the Republicans. They sure know how to incite fear. On the front page, a caravan of thousands of Latinos from Central America are on their way. Next federal troops will be displayed, which makes for good optics.

Media bias?

The liberal news media is pushing their agenda in hopes of an incident with the band of immigrants heading for our Southern border. This would embarrass the president and help to bolster support for the Democrats, who clearly have no agenda of their own other than to demonize and "impeach" Trump. I think a majority of clear thinking Americans welcome immigration, legal immigration.

Better vote blue

The GOP loves Trump. He distracts the general public with divisive rhetoric as they fleece the average American. If you depend on Social Security, better vote blue.

A simple concept

It really is very simple. Unless an officer just happens to be sitting there and sees the person run the red light, they can't give him/her a ticket. And how many people are going to run that light with a police unit sitting there?

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