Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 22, 2018

It pays to play

People forget the “lottery” is run for profit. The larger the payout, the bigger the profit. Why does payout get so big? Because they run lottery that way, exponentially.

Positive vibes

If the city would hand out a couple of flat square spades to workers who are out digging holes and such, they could quickly remove the top layer of sod a few inches deep, toss it to the side, then throw it back down after the work is complete. Sure would look a lot better than leaving a big strip of dirt and mud, and only takes a few minutes. Just a thought.

Time to plant

For you gardeners, if you have not done so yet, plant carrots, garlic, leaf lettuce, radishes, spinach and kale. By the way, it’s too late to fertilize your lawn for winter. You should have done that in August.

Sweet reason

President Trump: Please help save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.

Wealth of problems

Wealth creates poverty. It’s not a distribution problem. You either have it or you don’t. How do we solve this problem?


I saw dolphins swimming in Back Bay. Never saw that before. Fun to watch but I was wondering if that’s where they normally are.

No stopping the calls

I have been receiving a minimum of 10 calls a day from all over the country from scammers. I don’t answer them so now they have started to text. The famous one about the IRS coming after me arrived, too. I am on the no-call list but that doesn’t stop them. I think the politicians don’t want to stop them because they want to continue their political calls.

Why run red lights?

Why are so many cars running red lights in the area? The police used to give tickets for this. This is very dangerous. We don’t understand.

Hard to learn

The great citadel of higher liberal education Harvard selling admissions to the wealthy and celebrities while discriminating against certain races and ethnic backgrounds? Say it ain’t so liberals, Say it ain’t so.

Come on!

This same vegetation on the highways is 5 feet tall and obstructing the view of drivers making a perfect set up for accidents. The trash pick up will be more difficult now. People are taking it in their own hands and clearing out sections of Highway 67. Come on! This has nothing to do with migration. Please stop giving the state credit.

Always have a plan

It helps to have another plan in place.

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