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Sound Off for Oct. 21, 2018

Teaching discipline

Someone asked, “Since when do grandparents get to decide what grandchildren can and can not do?” The answer is, since too many of today’s parents, of children 19 and younger, forfeited their responsibilities. They are not teaching children discipline, they are not teaching children how to use their mind and hands to carry out tasks and the list goes on and on.


Grandparents decide because 7.8 million children live with their grandparents. Or about 6 percent of our children are living with grandparents. We can all be thankful because many of those children would be wards of the state if the grandparents had not taken them in.

What’s next?

Adding tax to electric car tags because they don’t pay road taxes which is included in gas pumps. How about the millions spent on bike lanes. Are we going to start taxing bikes?


This has got to be the best (or worst) one yet! I just got a notice from the MS Dept of Revenue that I will now have to pay an additional $75 a year tax because I am polluting our earth by owning a hybrid car! How inconsiderate of me! At least I didn’t get an all electric car or my “fine” would be $150! Our government in action once again!

Pension problems

According to figures reported in the paper the next big problem will be unfunded retirement. Seems the officials are not showing the unfunded debt in the financial report. MS seems to continually not fund retirement and its schools. Guess we can look for a big brouhaha when retirement checks are not there.


Courthouse Road is a disaster. Maybe if they hurt the contractor in their pocketbook, the roads will be ready on time!

Hidden costs

Tuition is only twenty percent of the total cost of attending college. Are people not aware of that?

More than sports

Now that we have sports betting,when are the casinos going to start horse racing?


You should not place your our baby’s diapered behind on the table at a public restaurant. No matter how cute the baby, it’s gross.

Wrong lane

If a car passes you on the right, you are in the wrong lane. Period. It does not matter whether you are traveling at or exceeding the speed limit. An exception is when you are preparing to turn left. We also make an exception for when there is almost no traffic and the right lane is too rough. In this case we do move to the right lane when cars are approaching from the rear.

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