Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 19, 2018

Really want

How soon cities forget their annexation grab for county land and tax bases leave the schools and their students nestled in their original boundaries. Thank goodness the state keeps the schools intact so education continues while cities zigzag county roads to get the prime real estate that will bring them the most money. I am curious to see what Gulfport and Biloxi really want in trying to stop the county from going forward with a needed building program.

Sunkist woes

How can one ward accomplish so much with new paved road, sidewalks, 15 different signs, plus two four-way stops and one with a red blinking light. We who live in Sunkist can’t even get our caution light replaced that was damaged during Katrina or our turning lane re-striped. We now have a beautiful causeway park that because of it we now can’t see to make a right turn. The sign and the spotlight make it very hard to see and the lights blind you at night. Please Mr. Mayor fix this problem before someone is killed trying to make a right or left turn on Popps Ferry Road!

Fire him

Any band director that allows a skit to be performed showing kids with fake AK 47s being aimed at kids on the ground needs to pay a price. Our kids don’t need to play act shooting at people in any manner. That is going against all that we are trying to teach them.

Another time?

I think these cemetery tours are disrespectful. If they’re truly about preserving history, then host them some other time — not at Halloween. I saw an event shirt in Biloxi that read, “I see dead people.” Tasteless.


Will Ed Meeks’ $5.3 million donation be returned to him, now that his name has been removed from the Ole Miss School of Journalism?

Check up

I was sitting in my living room this morning at daybreak. There was a knock at our front door. Two of Gulfport’s finest were there. They had seen the flashlight of our neighbor and came to make sure everything was OK. Thanks so much guys!

Help them

It’s that time of year when the migratory birds and butterflies fuel up with nourishment as they get ready to make the big leap across the Gulf of Mexico to South America. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the state and county mowing departments for allowing the vegetation to flower out and to also produce seeds that help in the migratory journey.

Biloxi council

What were you thinking? Couldn’t give the little people who actually make the engine run daily but you give big raises to management. Can your people making $80,000 a year do the jobs of people who haven’t had a raise since 2015? Shameful behavior.

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