Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 19, 2018

Good grief

I recently witnessed the most bizarre Common Core math by Harrison County’s superintendent of education. On a TV interview this alleged former math instructor said Harrison County was going to build two new schools for $55 million and it’s not going to cost anything or no taxes. It seems, in reality, that a current bond issue is being retired for approximately that same amount and a new bond issue would replace the old, thus his ludicrous and very mistaken boast of no taxes for taxpayers.


Lets borrow the $55 million or float some tax-free municipal bonds for citizens to invest in. Our children need safe new schools with improvements now! We need to look to the future.

Signs, Signs, everywhere

You know it is political season in Waveland by the number of campaign signs put on public right of ways. If you want to support a particular candidate with a placard, that’s fine. But keep it on your own property, please don’t put them by every stop sign in the city.

Be nice

Recent events have proven what I have known for some time — we no longer have civility. Whether it was the screamers at recent hearings or following Republicans in restaurants denying them a peaceful meal out. That is why Palazzo has phone town halls. If we have someone with a voting record to check, I don’t need a town hall.


To me debates are worthless jaw-jacking about things that a person thinks they can do. A person should be elected on their record and not on practiced reply to questions asked by a moderator!

Another bedrock

Another bedrock of our democracy is the principle of law and order. Town halls unfortunately have become epicenters for paid protesters and unstable individuals. As one writer pointed out, there are better ways to communicate with politicians in this modern age.

Credit due

I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz for various reasons, but I must give him credit for debating with his challenger. I wish our MS incumbents had the same courage. They will not get my vote.


One would think that with all the technology in cars today they would be able to make a headlight cover that doesn’t turn yellow.

No breaks

Call it whatever you want, but marijuana is still illegal in Mississippi. Anybody who has 2.8 pounds in their car is going to get arrested. And sorry, but personal use at 2.8 pounds? Give me a break!

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