Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 18, 2018

Letter of law

The mayors of Biloxi and Gulfport need to read the state law that sets the school boundaries when an area is annexed. Harrison County School District is following the law and does not need permission from the mayors.


Is it legal for the school district to have people harassing you to take a “VOTE YES FOR BOND” yard sign in the car rider line at the elementary school? It’s very intimidating when I don’t won’t a sign.

Awfully nice

Wow! I happen to like that “awful store” on Pineville Rd in Long Beach. Never crowded and the employees are friendly and courteous. Maybe you’re just an awful person that looks down on others?


Driving past Edgewater Mall, I noticed the new theater is almost complete. It was finished prior to Courthouse Road and East Biloxi road construction. Seems that businesses want what they pay for with their money more than elected officials do with our money.

Talk it out

Debate! I’m a firm believer in the debate process. Hyde-Smith owes the public this. She was appointed not elected, McDaniel and Espy deserve to be heard! If she doesn’t I will vote the other way!


Debates are essential to the bedrock of our democracy. Questioning our elected leaders is what our founders demanded, not just suggested, and exactly what our country thrives on. David Baria, Jeramey Anderson and Mike Espy all have stated they will debate now and have town halls once elected — to listen, respond and of course argue with any and all constituents — again, just as the founders demanded.

Looking for lotto

Hey Phil! Where’s the lottery bill?

Not Nola

I’m sick of reports comparing Michael to Katrina as the hurricane that hit New Orleans. Katrina hit our Coast. New Orleans was on the good side of the storm. Broken levees hit New Orleans.

Billing question

When I pay my water bill, I mail it to Dallas, Texas, to be processed. How much is the City of Gulfport paying for this service? Why can’t this service be done locally by citizens of Gulfport and give them the jobs Dallas has? Don’t make sense to me.

Two-way flights

The Vieux Marche Pigeons met recently and unanimously decided that they should change their official name to the Howard Avenue Pigeons. They are so pleased that their flight path now runs both ways. For many years, since the advent of the Biloxi urban renewal program, they were forced to fly only one way, from west to east.

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