Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 17, 2018

Cut it

MDOT, cut the grass on Mississippi 15 and 67! It is now a safety concern. The grass is so high, you can’t see people merging onto the highway!


D’Iberville High School parents: Do you know how your kids are driving? Every single day, I see students driving way above the school zone speed limit, cutting people off to turn off of Mississippi 15, tailgating, running stop signs, passing in a turning lane, going 80 in a 65 mph speed limit and more! If you think that your kids are angels, let me tell you they are not. Before you give them the keys to a car, think about my life that I risk every single day as your kids drive to school.

Cash flow

Regarding flood insurance: Payments to Coast residents for flood insurance losses were very sluggish for our disaster as the funds were not readily available. Part of the solution would be to require lending institutions having FDIC or FSLIC account insurance demand the purchase of flood insurance on monies used from these accounts to mortgage a home. The result would be a greatly enhanced cash flow to pay claims.


This do not call list is getting out of hand. The companies call and it’s showing up on caller ID as Chase, Memorial Hospital, Long Beach City Hall, Long Beach Police Department.

Voter resource?

Making sound decisions when casting your vote for candidates and propositions is important. After living away for 36 years in 5 states they all had voter pamphlets provided by the Secretary of State (CO OR CA WA AZ). A non-biased voter resource is critical. Not campaign ads or opinions. Where’s ours?

Pipe dream

So happy that Ocean Springs is getting an Aldi! The entire Coast is lacking in good grocery stores. The only ones that have more than others is Rouses, which is my store of choice, however even they won’t open any as nice or as full as they have in New Orleans or Slidell. I live in Long Beach so one can imagine just how lacking we are in this area; Wal Mart in Pass Christian, Winn Dixie and whatever that awful store is on Pineville Rd. It would help to have alcohol in our grocery stores too, but that’s a pipe dream.

Priority road

A new grocery store? Me and my 83-year-old mother would just like a decent road to the very nice one on Porter.


What are the parameters that allow a cost of living raise every year? Most retired workers receiving cost of living raises know that if the system doesn’t make over a certain amount of interest money they don’t get a check but seems that 13th check just always comes. It might help if people understood.

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