Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 16, 2018

More research

Making Beatline Road in Long Beach a four- to five- lane highway to “help Businesses in Long Beach “ is based on false research. Coming out on U.S. 90 will put motorists two blocks from an already booming business in Pass Christian called Walmart! A large amount of residents on Beatline will be forced to relocate. If the objective is to bring more businesses into Long Beach and not to lose a multitude of homes, Klondike Road should be the first choice. More valid research needs to be done before this decision is made.

Top of the line

I am so excited when I read the Coast is getting an Aldi. Biloxi needs to put one where the old Winn-Dixie is on Pass Road. You talk about a top-of-the-line grocery store with all your needs. You’re right! They will be busy all the time. We do need a Trader Joe’s. How come we only have Walmart?


I live in Gulfport and not having an Aldi doesn’t bother me. I’m not missing out on anything. We have a Save A Lot and that’s like an Aldi with mostly store brands. We have Rouses, two Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Walmart, Food Giant, Grocery Depot, Winn Dixie and Froogels. What am I missing?

Only in the South

On Oct. 10, there was a police escort for my father’s funeral in Gulfport, and his burial was at the VA cemetery in Biloxi. The switch from Gulfport to Biloxi police was flawless. I was also amazed at the number of cars that actually pulled over. This sign of respect from so many people (including people on the sidewalks) brought tears to my eyes.

Fair’s fair

For all of you right-wing conspiracy theorists, the Sun Herald — or the Daily Herald as it was called when I was a proud paper boy from 1975-77 — is equitable in it’s reporting and presentation of local and national media coverage. The person I’m voting for got the cover story and it started with “Espy’s past corruption.”

Employer is us

The letter referring to the thirteenth check from PERS was true. The retirees have worked hard for their money and deserve it. However, when the cost of living increase is subsidized by the taxpayers, I have a real problem with that. Seems to me the officials running PERS are not investing the money very well. They are requesting the Legislature increase employers’ contribution beginning next year. Remember the employer is us, the taxpayers!


It’s a fact, you can get people to believe just about anything. We were having a conversation today about hurricanes and one of the people started to tell us about how they can now drop bombs into the middle of a hurricane and blast it apart. They were confused as to why it wasn’t being done. All I could do was smile.

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