Sound Off

Sound Offs for Oct. 14

Lost item

Someone forgot a handicap van accessory in a parking slot at Gulfport Cracker Barrel. Took it inside.

So upsetting

This morning I watched a story about a veteran who had lost both legs and an arm in war. He has endured over 130 surgeries. He went into training and recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. His next challenge is the New York marathon. It just makes me sick to see people cheering on the so called professional football players kneeling during the National Anthem and reinforces my commitment to never watch another game.

New stores needed

I read with great interest that Ocean Springs will be adding another grocery store soon. When will Biloxi do the same? It is unbelievable that a city our size cannot attract a grocery store to west Biloxi. I wonder how many of our citizens are giving their tax dollars to D'Iberville, Gulfport and Ocean Springs in order to shop for groceries (particularly meat) somewhere other than at a "big -box" store? I certainly am. Will the mayor or a council person please comment on what is being done?

Check your words

Dear Sound Off writers, before posting opinions, please buy a dictionary to check out terms you are using. Donald Trump is not a tyrant. Mobs are accosting Republicans. Words should not lead to violent reactions.

The reason?

I finally figured out why northerners think southerners are a bunch of dumb hicks. They must read Sound Off.

Spreading the blame

Now not only does the left blame Trump for global warming, they’re also blaming him for hurricanes. Amazing if it weren’t so stupid and funny.

Political bashing

I read the political bashing back and forth most everyday. When is the Democratic Party going to quit whining Clinton was beat by one of the most unpopular people in the United States. Sanders might have won if he wasn’t sidelined. And I’m a Republican.

Not the greatest

Drew Brees is not the greatest quarterback of all time. But Drew has done more with less talent than anyone else in pro football history. Micheal Thomas may end up in the Hall of Fame when all is said and done, but nobody else in the Hall was catching any of Drew's passes. Do you really think Brady or Montana would have won as many rings with the Saints?

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