Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 11, 2018

A lot of blame

This whole Kavanaugh debacle could have been avoided if we had responsible and reasonable people in our Senate. They are so worried about partisan “winning” they are destroying our country from within. Both sides are to blame.

Count the rings

No question Drew Brees is a great quarterback. However, I believe the greatest of all-time designation should be based more on how many Super Bowl rings you have on your fingers, rather than on sometimes meaningless passing yards in the stat column.

Who pays?

Who pays for all those trips Trump takes to these rallies? And when is he at work? It seems like his job is to fire up the base. The batteries of the base must be very weak to need all that recharging.

Enough staffing?

It doesn’t seem we have enough officers in any department, besides Biloxi, to enforce any laws in this state. And we need to give the counties radar.

Buying wine

I would love to buy wine at the grocery. I don’t like going to liquor stores. How can this be made possible?

All the answers

Neither party has all the answers. Neither party has all the faults. I was a Republican who now fears the Republican tyranny. I must vote for Democrats. I do not agree with all the liberalism of the Democrats, but I fear the tyranny of President Trump.

No debates?

I wouldn’t debate either. When one of the candidates plays dirty, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to debate. If you could be assured of a clean, on point debate, then yes. But under the circumstances right now, no. And I don’t blame them.

The radical left

In the editorial pages people keep complaining about a lack of town hall meetings and debates between candidates. The reason candidates hardly do this anymore is because the radical left sends paid disrupters to these events to be loud, rude, vulgar, and to disrupt the proceedings. Most modern candidates use social media and “telephone” town hall meetings to inform the voters of their districts. Our senators and Rep. Steven Palazzo are doing a great job for Mississippians and will have my vote in November.

Need information

Is there anywhere online where I can find out if Cedar Lake Road is closed? Once again I tried to pick my daughter up at school and it is closed. So I have to go around. Since Biloxi won’t raise the road a few inches to prevent this, can you make an app or something?

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