Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 12, 2018

Why the delay?

Uhh ... lottery? Let’s get the Powerball rolling. Hey governor. Get the pen out. What are you waiting for?

A great idea

Cones down U.S. 90 are the best idea yet. Everyone stays in their own lane. Runs very smoothly. Not holding up traffic while you force yourself into another lane

Who decides?

Since when do grandparents get to decide what their grandchildren can and can’t do?

Me the president?

Seems to me what the right wants is a president who makes law instead of interpreting the Constitution. Just remember what Colin Powell said, “It’s we the people, not me the president.”

No trash

Cruisers: Sunday I drove from Cowan Road to the Ocean Springs bridge and not one piece of trash. Thank you, cruisers, and welcome back next year.

Wishful thinking

Here’s my fantasy headline: The Alabama Crimson Tide defeat the New England Patriots. Team advances to Super Bowl to play New Orleans Saints.

An embarrassment

The current condition of Courthouse Road in Gulfport is, or should be, an embarrassment to the citizens of Gulfport and to the administration. Enough said.

Bad choices

I voted for him because the other choices were much worse. Which, unfortunately, pretty much sums up the last several presidential elections.

Move the traffic

There are professional people in this world called “traffic engineers.” They study traffic flow and implement plans and devices to maximize traffic flow efficiency. It looks like no one on the Coast has hired one. For decades now, there have been all kinds of advances in stop light technology to keep traffic moving. Timers that can vary stop light cycles based on traffic patterns through the day, and lights that can actually monitor incoming traffic load from each direction. It’s 2018 folks, absolutely no more need to be sitting at a long red light with 30 other cars when there’s no cars in sight.

Trump fatigue

I am sick of Trump fatigue — every day a scandal, every day something unseemly, name-calling, lies, etc. Americans are not selfish or greedy, don’t need attention to themselves and will settle for just what we need.

Under attack

People want Social Security, Medicare when we get old, Medicaid for our handicapped kids and we want our kids to be able to get a good job not too far away so they can visit occasionally. All these things both parties have historically promoted, but in this era of Trump, are all under attack.

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