Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 10, 2018

Just a move

I thought I read that Barnum & Bailey Circus shut down. But now I realize they just moved their company to Washington, D.C.

Americans first

The problem with Washington is that we have all become Republicans and Democrats instead of Americans. Everything is aimed at advancing political position and self greed instead of strengthening America. We have to find our way back to being Americans first.

No bad talk

Don’t you know not to talk bad about “fools-ball” here in the South?

Following orders

Don’t get upset about the slipshod investigation that the FBI did about the sexual misconduct charges against Brett Kavanaugh; they were only following orders.

Do not understand

I don’t understand Roger Wicker. He won’t debate his opponent and that seems very spineless. He has always just relied on the GOP to keep him in office until he can collect a big retirement.

Not same party

If I were a Democrat, I think I would want my party back. It is certainly not the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy or even Clinton. It has been radicalized and eliminated the term “moderate” from ever being used as a prefix again.

Dangerous experience

Driving from New Orleans at night in the rain is a dangerous experience. No lights, until you get to the casino signs. And the median divide markers are not visible.

Wrong call?

I disagree 100 percent with the Biloxi police chief about the traffic cones. I drove every day from Long Beach to Beauvoir and the only time traffic would backup was at DeBuys Road where the cones started. They prevent cars from maneuvering around slower and merging traffic. Get rid of them. Gulfport for once was smart about it. Let the event dictate their use.

Acting like predators

Something needs to be done about the feral cats here on the Coast. I see them everywhere, mostly in the evening behind grocery stores, restaurants, etc. They are predators, I have found dead birds in my yard and my neighbor has tried to catch them to no avail. They terrorize my dog, take sunbaths on my patio and dig up my flower beds to relieve themselves. Who is monitoring them for rabies and other diseases?

A liberal?

Trump likes Taylor Swift’s music less after her coming out as liberal. News flash, most young people are. They have been exposed to the world and form ideas and opinions based on information.

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