Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 7

A visit to Burger King put a smile on their faces.
A visit to Burger King put a smile on their faces. AP File

Check that ego

Does anyone else work for a business where the second in charge is so inept at his job that it’s almost as if he’s purposely sabotaging the company? Did anyone ever put this person’s ego in check in an effort to re-establish the organization’s original vision of being one where people come first?

Please debate

The campaign is the one time where those in politics are supposed to make an effort and let us know why we should elect them. For Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith to refuse to debate shows they can’t be too interested in showing us where they stand. This hurts the voters and our election system. I want to know what I’m voting for.

No football

Did you hear about the high school football player from Georgia last week who was killed in a game? Last year their were 13 high school football players who died from playing this deadly sport. Their needs to be something done to protect these players. Someone needs to be held responsible. My grandsons will never play football.

One happy employee

My wife and I had the pleasure of a quick lunch yesterday at the Burger King by Kessler gate seven on Pass Road. We were welcomed and served by one of the happiest ladies I have seen in a long long time. Reese went about her job with the biggest smile on her face and joy in her heart that I’ve seen on a minimum-wage employee in ages. Not only was she gracious to us, she was that way to all of her customers who came in while we were eating. Burger King had better watch out because any restauranteur who runs into Reese the way my wife and I did would snatch her up in a heartbeat. She certainly deserves an opportunity greater than what she has now. We felt so good about our experience that we slipped a nice tip in her hand which just made her smile all the more. Once she saw how much the tip was she came running outside to our car side with tears in her eyes and an even larger smile on her face to thank us again. It just made our day to meet Reese. We certainly got more out of it than Reese did and I want to publicly thank her for being such a great employee. I wish her the best in the future.

Why I’m angry

I came across a fantastic quote today: “I am angry on behalf of women who have been told to sit down and shut up one time too many,” – Elizabeth Warren.

Not all abuse

Does anyone know of a local group, web page, or Facebook page dedicated to providing accurate information to chronic pain patients here on the Coast? The current opiate crisis hysteria has so much inaccurate and outright false information that it has made it hard for patients who have never abused their prescriptions and truly need this medication to have at least some quality of life. Some of us don’t have much time left. I’d like to know what part of “starting one health crisis to end another is wrong” does the DEA not understand?

Rethink this road

Making Beatline Road In Long Beach A four- or five-lane highway to “help Businesses in Long Beach “ is based on bad research. Coming out on U.S. 90 will put motorists two blocks from an already booming business in Pass Christian called Wal-Mart. A large number of residents on Beatline will be forced to move. If the objective is to bring more businesses into Long Beach and not to lose a multitude of homes, Klondike Road should be the first choice. More valid research needs to be done before this decision is made.