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Sound Off for Oct. 2: World leaders respect President Trump

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, in Johnson City, Tenn.
President Donald Trump speaks at a rally Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, in Johnson City, Tenn. AP

Did they forget?

I guess that MDOT forgot about cleaning up Mississippi 67 and Mississippi 15 for all the visitors we have this week.

Better wages

I don’t want to throw a wet blanket ... but I do have a legitimate question. $167 million sounds like a lot of growth and maybe it is. But you should really compare it to the number of jobs that will be created and what wage improvements the number represents. I see a lot of care facilities, renovations and retail in Biloxi’s report. Some job creation for sure, but I don’t see anything that represents more than the $6 to $10 an hour variety. There is a recession around the corner, always is, and there is nothing about the $167 million that provides sustainable growth or returns. Not picking on Biloxi because the entire state faces this problem and young, well-educated Mississippians continue to move away for a reason.

Being watched

This paper is part of the liberal media. Sunday’s Sound Offs are proof. In a majority Republican area, your Sound Offs were all from Republican bashers. We are watching.

Waiting for report

I’m sure that Sens. Coons, Booker, Hirono and Feinstein are waiting with bated breath for the FBI report so they can make up their minds on how to vote on the Supreme Count nominee.

How he functions

Regardless of how the media presents him, let it be known that world leaders may not love America but they respect Trump. Trump does not speak down to them as an elitist. He does not speak to “them” in an audience. He speaks to each “you” in the audience. That is exactly what attracts the respect of each of them to him.

Help needed

I am asking Marshalls and D’Iberville to please designate and paint a few handicap parking places in front of the store. There are a few handicap spots in front of other stores, but that is not helpful. I realize you both may have designated what the law requires, but as a frequent shopper and a newly disabled person a few spots in front of your store would be most helpful.

Weeks of coaching?

I would like to see footage of Dr. Ford teaching in a college classroom. I’ll bet she doesn’t present a soft spoken, girlish, timid figure as she did in the hearings. She had two weeks of coaching and preparation. But her story is just a story, without a shred of corroboration. Judge Kavanaugh, on the other hand, spoke directly from the heart and he had clear and convincing facts.

Out of judges?

So during a job interview, you can yell, cry, and insult half the people asking the questions — and still expect to get the job? Are we flat out of judges and he’s the only one left? Surely we can do better.

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