Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 29: Is this a rerun?

Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meet in the premiere episode of CBS’ ”Murphy Brown” reboot.
Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meet in the premiere episode of CBS’ ”Murphy Brown” reboot. CBS

Been there, done that

Murphy who? Hillary who? All the creativity and giant budgets available and all they can do is pull out a bunch of old worn and forgotten stories and jokes.

Not good

What's with all the people using their front yard as a parking lot?

Show of courage

I watched every minute and listened to every word of the Kavanaugh Senate hearings today. What I saw was a California school teacher with more courage and more moral integrity that 11 Republican senators. I saw a man who wants a seat on the Supreme Court refuse to call for a FBI investigation to find the truth because he does not want us to know what they might find.


What a national disgrace on display in the Senate. Be one a Democrat or Republican, those proceedings are enough to turn one's stomach. Judge Kavanaugh deserves better, any nominee deserves better. As far as the FBI investigating, that is ludicrous, since when does the FBI investigate a supposed groping in Montgomery County, Maryland, or any where else for that matter? One would think that our elected representatives could do better. The entire country should be hanging its head in shame.

A red flag?

Watching the Kavanaugh nomination hearings today, I couldn't help but notice that the candidate, Brett Kavanaugh seems to have an excessive thirst condition. He drank at least four or five bottles of water during his testimony. He also seemed unworried that his constant sipping caused his questioners to wait for his answers and sometimes drank even in the middle of his answers. Something strange there, I think. He'll probably be confirmed anyway, but it seems a red flag of some sort.

A coward?

If there is a GOP senator on the Judiciary Committee or the Senate as a whole who doesn’t vote for Kavanaugh, they should be run out of town on a rail. There was nothing said or produced in today’s hearing that should disqualify him. It begins with a unbelievable, uncorroborated and refuted allegation and ends there. If you vote against him, you are a coward interested only in political self protection and the GOP doesn’t need you.

Better job needed

The garbage man has been leaving cans in the street after emptying them.

Not historical

Great moments in U.S. Senate history. Sens. Leahy, Booker and Whitehouse taking apart Judge Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook page and personal 1982 calendar word by word. After their dissection, it was clear who was shameless and shameful.

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