Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 30: Here’s the reason veteran will start voting

Kenneth Welch stacks up ‘I Voted’ stickers at the Pass Christian Municipal Courtroom for voters on June 5, 2018.
Kenneth Welch stacks up ‘I Voted’ stickers at the Pass Christian Municipal Courtroom for voters on June 5, 2018. File

Now, I’ll vote

Due to an extremely long military career in serving the commander in chief, whomever they may have been, I've never voted. Now retired, I will. If you vote for this so-called prosperity, which will eventually collapse, you are missing the travesty — the undermining of Democracy. I don't care about the dollars. A tremendous deficit is being generated, our environment is being destroyed, near offshore drilling is increased, consumer protection agency is being dismantled, air quality is under attack, Medicare is being reduced, and we are an international embarrassment. Meanwhile the very rich clique is becoming richer. So I won't be bought, but I will vote my mind to protect future Democracy.

Not my vote

Mr. McDaniel just needs to go away. His gutter politics were unappealing several years ago, and they continue to be so. I will never vote for him just because the way he does things and he seems to be true to form this time around.

Why did you?

President Trump and his followers are the epitome of the Ugly American. They do not symbolize who we are as a country. Women are important, immigrants are important, culture is important, manners are important, the middle class is important, gun control is important, etc. etc. Why in the world did you people vote for him?

No backing

The final score was Atlanta 37 Drew Brees 43. The Saints defensive backs are still out to lunch.

Burning question

After watching the accuser testify to Congress, I wonder why the privileged, rich, white Republican male senators did not have enough guts to ask their own questions of the witness. Instead they had to hire a female lawyer to do their dirty work and give them cover.

Who’s faking?

Trump criticizes mainstream media for fake news, but aren't Trump's lies fake statements? The President himself has told over 4,000 documented whoppers and adds more daily. What gives?

Cut the grass

MDOT, how about cutting the grass on Highway 15 North. I can't see the cars who are coming onto the highway because the weeds and grass are so high. It is a danger and is going to cause accidents. Do your job and cut the grass for all of us who travel on that road and who are taxpayers. Come on!

It’s only blood

The commercial says, "My gums are bleeding. I don’t have to worry about that, do I?" Of course you don't! It’s just gums! It’s just bleeding! What’s the worst that could happen?

Cut the trees

Several Eagle Point residents have called the Biloxi arborist about several dead trees that could easily fall across the road near the north east end of the new Lorraine Road bridge across the Biloxi river approaching Woolmarket. Nothing has been done. Please tend to this.