Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 12, 2018


It is hard to believe that the voted officials in Pascagoula did not have the education and intelligence to oversee the taxpayers’ money. Their solution is to lay off personnel. Why do they not share some of the pain by voting themselves a pay reduction. Is it the good ol’ boy system by just kicking the can down the road and not accepting the blame?

Gotta go

The Biloxi new Popps Ferry Park is really nice, a great place to walk and fish, launch your boat, with a fishing bait house coming soon, but a bathroom sure would be nice for us old folks.


The cop was right about Hugo’s. Back in the sixties I walked my gal there and ate a shrimp pizza. On the way out I put a nickel in the slot machine by the cashier and won two bucks. Mr. Rongo told me it was illegal for minors to gamble and didn’t pay me, but he was an okay guy — he gave us a couple of beers in consolation.

Many more

I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I enjoyed the article about Iconic Coast Restaurants. I remember all of those featured, and it got me to thinking about other Coast restaurants. I’ve listed them by city: Gulfport: Angelos, Paradise Point, House of LeeLoy, SanBeach Steak Inn, Confederate Inn, Webster & Kinberger House of Seafood, Simmons Park and Eat, Sinopoli’s Popps Ferry. Ocean Springs: Trilby’s, Allman’s. Biloxi: Friendship House, Baricev’s, Sea ‘N Sirloin, Bosco’s Pizza, Jiffy-Jac Drive Inn, Tony’s Spaghetti House & Pizzeria. I also ate my share of lunches at the F. W. Woolworth’s lunch counters in both Biloxi and Gulfport.

Defense fail

The Saints were awful and unprepared. Another year where the defense fails to play at the level of Drew Brees. One day he’ll be gone and we will live perpetually at the bottom for decades like the Oakland Raiders. The only team to play worse the first week of the NFL was the Detroit Lions.

So and so

What’s with the word “so” being used by so many to start a sentence? Wonder how long this foolishness will last? Even saw it in the paper where the salesman should say “So, how can I help you?” It seems useless in the sentences and adds nothing.

Cleanup time

Okay we are fast approaching Cruisin’ The Coast in a couple of weeks and I wish the waist deep grass would be cut along Highway 67. Please don’t wait until it is after one our biggest tourist attractions.

Not possible

To the person who is hitting every red light on highway 90. It sounds like the lights are synchronized, but not for you — for the traffic going other way. I do not think it is possible to synchronize the lights for everyone.

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