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Sound Off for Sept. 10, 2018

Two more

You left off two closed restaurants that were as good or better than any on your list other than Vrazels. The Cuevas Bistro — in it’s original location had the best lunch specials anywhere, period! Also, The French Connection was better than most on your list. I would even put Chappy’s above most of those. – From a professional diner

Dos más

I loved your article on iconic Coast restaurants and it brought back fond memories. But there were also good Mexican places. Remember Cucos where Jim Cantore enjoyed a good meal right before the big Katrina blow out? And let’s not forget Baja Beach in Biloxi — it was pretty good too.

The other Hugo’s

I remember Hugo’s well. But probably not for the same reasons a lot of people remember it. As a Biloxi police officer back in the ’80s, what sticks out most in my mind was some of the, shall we say “less than legitimate” things that went on in Hugo’s. It was well known for it’s extracurricular activities, most of which were a little shady.

New Nash

Sign up for hurricane updates on Bob Breck’s Blog. He is more like the new Nash today. He gives the most accurate analysis of storms without all the drama of The Weather Channel. David Bernard on WVUE in New Orleans is his protege and also excellent if you can get that channel.

Sliding Saints?

The Saints apparently believed too much in the local sports media hype (both broadcast and print) which had anointed them as preseason Super Bowl contenders. They overlooked the fact that they actually had to earn that first win of that season and that the Bucs weren’t going to just lie down and roll over. They could even start 0-2 now as Cleveland looked vastly improved. The NFL even wanted the Saints to start 2-0 that’s why the schedule had them playing at home for the first two games against what were supposed to be beatable teams. Enjoy the slide!

Where’s Greg?

Same ol’ Saints — maybe they should think about rehiring defensive coach Greg Williams again.

Higgins family

I know of Higgins Huts because of the part they played in my family history. My grandfather reported for service upon receipt of a draft notice, but he was told his iron-working skill was needed more at Higgins Ship Yard than in the armed forces. He was sent to New Orleans from North Louisiana, and he, my grandmother and mother lived in the Higgins Huts. Mr. Higgins also supplied the Little Red School House for the ship workers’ children, which is where my mother began school. My grandfather was proud to have helped build the Higgins landing boats which were an incredible contribution to the war effort.

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