Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 8, 2018

Outrage and hatred

The Democrats in Washington are attempting to manufacture outrage and hatred toward President Trump every day. They own the media and use it to pump anti-Trump propaganda constantly. These are measures of how much they fear him and are threatened by his success. For that reason alone, most of America will vote for him again.

Moving on

Is it time for Saints to move on without running back Mark Ingram? Yes, he should still be in Alabama where fans think he is great. What a waste of money

An obit

Obituary: Nike (1964-2018.) Died of Colin cancer.

What we need

We need another British heavy metal invasion.

Can’t wear them

Yesterday I returned a pair of Nike shoes I had purchased. The young lady behind the counter asked if there was anything wrong with them? I replied, “I just can’t wear Nike.” She gently smiled and said “don’t say anything else,” and refunded my money.

Making a mistake

Shame on Nike for basically mixing first amendment rights with product sales. It's like mixing oil and water and expecting the two to come together. In the long run Nike hopefully will regret their decision and just stick to plain old sales instead of trying to make a statement about first amendment rights.

‘Wrong’ is wrong

“Just Wrong” is just wrong. President Trump was not elected by a majority of Americans, and he does not have “the support of America.” He has the support of some Americans. Let’s not engage in Trump’s practice of “truthful hyperbole” when writing Sound Offs.

Short memory

Republicans like to say “elections have consequences” to justify Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Apparently none of them remember Merrick Garland.

Not great work

To the road workers on Dedeaux Road: If the patchwork job on the two lanes we have to drive on is any indication of how you work, I'd like to take bets on how long the new lanes will last

Well done show

The new Jack Ryan series that premiered Friday on Amazon, based on a Tom Clancy spy novel, is under fire by “Vanity Fair” magazine because “masculine American heroism” and “white male entitlement” is frowned on. The series is very good and well done. If masculinity is out of favor, please explain why “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” are supremely popular and feature hunky, masculine males.

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