Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 25: Slow it down in school zones, Long Beach drivers

Cut the grass

The grass on the highways in Vancleave in Jackson County is out of control. It is a eyesore and a reflection on the county. Someone needs to do their job, please.

Speed trap?

While driving on Interstate 10 the other day I passed a Gautier police car sitting in the median waiting to collect “speed trap” money from travelers, rather than patrolling Gautier streets. Way to go Gautier.

Done with NFL

So, now ESPN joins the list of networks who will cease coverage of our national anthem before NFL football games. Real class act. Makes it easier for those of us who remain angry. Stick a fork in the NFL.

Must get along

Chris McDaniel continues to show me he does not belong in Washington. Congressional representation requires negotiation, coordination and compromise among members representing varied regions, parties, and interests. Despite what McDaniel says, Congressmen and senators must represent and speak for all peoples of their districts, not just the ones in their party or those who voted for them. In fact, all of Washington needs to remember that.

Guaranteed protests

The right of free speech and peaceful protest are rights guaranteed by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which means the flag is a symbol of that right. Anyone exercising that right, and yes even by NFL players taking a knee, are honoring that right and the flag that stands for it. Anyone dissing those players are dissing the flag, the Constitution and the U.S.A.

Out of control

Speeding in Long Beach school zones is out of control. Posting an officer in each school zone for 30 minutes every morning in 30 minutes every afternoon is the best possible use of their time.

NoT illegal

“Impeachment” was the word of the day on Wednesday at CNN. What they fail to realize is that, while Trump, like Bill Clinton, may have committed an immoral act, he did not commit an illegal act.

Don’t be rude?

Why do people with giant pickup trucks and cars insist on taking hours trying to back them into narrow spots in congested and busy parking lots? Rude.

Time to pray

To the person or persons who took the time to cut the catalysts converters off the church buses on Dedeaux Road, you broke a commandment: “Thou shall not steal.” We are praying for you.

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