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Sound Off for June 22: Jackson County resident wants recycling picked up, please

A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. A Jackson County resident says recycling is not being picked up.
A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. A Jackson County resident says recycling is not being picked up.

Exceptional intelligence

We are blessed to have President Donald Trump leading our country. He showed the world on Wednesday he is a man of exceptional intelligence, compassion and morals by signing an executive order overturning the cruel, un-American and inhumane policy of separating and incarcerating parents, infants and children seeking asylum in the United States.

Where are you?

I wish whomever is hired to pick up recycling in Jackson County, or should I say whomever is hired not to pick up recycling, would just say you’re not going to do it so I won’t waste my time hauling it out to the street. This is the fourth week in a row.

Don’t believe

Forget pro-this or anti-that rhetoric. Quit falling for bold-faced lies. Read multiple credible news sources, believe your eyes and ears, don’t twist the truth to fit your bias, and don’t believe a lie just because someone keeps repeating it.

Get to class

Tailgating, speeding, giving a blinker after you’ve already hit your brakes, not giving a blinker at all. We need continual drivers training.

How to fix problem

Help people get off illegal drugs or never start, drug problem solved. Economic principle, supply and demand. No demand, no supply. Thus, problem solved

Please vote

Voting is the way to change what needs changing. Protect the vote at all counts as that is what makes us a free nation. Register and vote.

His weakness

Saying he’s not guilty is premature as the investigation is on going and no charges have been filed against Trump. When and if charges are filed then we shall see if he is guilty or not. I think “follow the money” will trip Trump; money is his weakness.

A novel idea

Here is a novel idea. Foreigners should stop illegally crossing our borders. In any country in the world, America included, that will get you arrested.

Love of country

A statement in Thursday’s Sound Off about love of country. It is because of my love of country that I don’t like Trump, and what I think he stands for.

Old news?

Why do the news outlets need to report on Trump’s accomplishments? It’s just old news repeated multiple times by him in tweets before the news agencies even get a chance.

Being played

To MAGA in Wednesday’s Sound Off: Well said. We aren’t being played by the president. We are being played by the media and the leftist puppetmasters that pull their strings.

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