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Sound Off for June 17: Long Beach casino developer is the same that brought you ‘submarine in the sky’

A Sound Off reader says the developer for the upcoming casino in Long Beach is the same one that brough the “submarine in the sky” to Long Beach Harbor.
A Sound Off reader says the developer for the upcoming casino in Long Beach is the same one that brough the “submarine in the sky” to Long Beach Harbor. Sun Herald file

Dear Dad

Your courage gives me strength. Your laughter brings me joy. Your smile brightens my day. Your hugs make me feel safe. Your honesty makes me proud. Your unconditional love has made me who I am today. For all that you are and all that you do I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Father’s Day and happy 91st birthday. I am proud to be your daughter.

Loudness wars

This is in answer to “Turn music down,” I wholeheartedly agree but it also goes for car parts stores and grocery stores. How would you like to have to wear ear muffs when you shop? See what happens when you ask them to turn it down. A lot of stores have lost us as customers.

The end

I left recycle bin out on the street for three weeks and it was never picked up. I called and no one could tell me when they pick up. I hit the bin with my truck yesterday and spilled everything out so I took all and put it in my trash can. So that is the end of my recycling.

Pick up please

Can all the losers and winners of last week’s elections please have their minions pick up all the signs left laying in the grass? Shouldn’t be a city crew job.

Test of tolerance

It appears to me that the Democratic Party of tolerance and acceptance is tolerant and accepting only if you agree with them.


We did not stand at attention and listen to King George III. We certainly are not going to do it for Donald J. Trump.

Submarine in the sky

I hope the community of Long Beach has confidence in the decisions of their city council and planning commission. The same developer who brought you the failed and extraordinarily unattractive “submarine in the sky” at the harbor now wants to put in a casino right across the street! You’ve already lost the beauty and integrity of your harbor with bad decisions on development and design there. Just saying.

No casino

Dear “Did we or did we not,” the citizens of Long Beach voted on a nonbinding referendum regarding approval for a Long Beach casino. The referendum passed, however instead of sustaining the majority choice of the constituents our mayor and/or council chose to uphold their personal convictions. No! No! Not how a democracy should function.

Not the enemy

I agree with the writer of “The Greatest Enemy?” The “news media” is not America’s greatest enemy. It’s the box of rocks that believes the media that is America’s greatest enemy.

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