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Sound Off for June 16: Recycling pick up in Gulfport is inconsistent

A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Separate trucks pick up recycling.
A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Separate trucks pick up recycling.


In 1994, I wrote a letter to the editor about what i called “the pork barrel parking lot” at U.S. 90 and Jeff Davis Avenue in Long Beach. It was obviously put there in hopes of having a casino built in town. Did we, or did we not, vote against having a casino in Long Beach? From what I read in the Sun Herald, we now have one in the works, regardless of what the residents want. we were not asked this time. Looks like one is on the way. I want to know who gave the go-ahead on this project.

Watch your wake

We were recently out fishing in Davis Bayou. We have a 17-foot boat and were anchored outside of the channel. There were also many kayaks in the area. Frequently larger boats would pass by at full throttle with no concern to their wakes. Boaters please be courteous to smaller and anchored boats. We all can enjoy the water safely!

Johnny Carter

Absolutely tragic! Also totally unjust was lawsuit against Dixie Gas. No one has ever monitored me in filling gas containers. Father was the one at fault. He filled the container and allowed Johnny access to lighter. Very unjust judgment.

Gulfport recycling

When they changed our recycle dates it was difficult to find out when they would actually come and pick up our recycling. Each time I called, I got a different response. Now I know it is supposed to be the even weeks of the month on a Wednesday. That would have been yesterday but did they come? NO. Once again. It has been three weeks since the last pick up. Now it will be five weeks. I have contacted the mayor’s office and my councilman and I never get a response from either. Can anyone get this company to do what it is paid to do? I am ready, as many others are, to stop recycling due to all this aggravation. If it was just one time, but it happens a LOT.

Turn it down

It seems that most restaurants have loud music. When the waiter gets to my table, I always ask for the volume to be turned down. Most times they will, but sometimes it is too much trouble. We need to just walk out, and let them know why. I think most people don’t want that blasting in there ears.

Too soon

Please stop the use of fireworks within the city limits! Too many residents are bothered by the shooting of fireworks in neighborhoods. Gulfport police please enforce the law!

Feed the magnolias

Thanks to Kat Bergeron on her article in Sundays paper on magnolias. The Diamondhead interchange is a result of the program “Keep Mississippi Beautiful” My family has trees planted here.

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