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Sound Off for June 15: Great job taking care of dad by the VA

Great job

I recently had to take my father to the emergency room at the Biloxi VA. I am very proud to say that the Biloxi VA was the best choice for my father’s care in his time of need. The staff was caring and professional. The facility was very advanced. It’s nice to know the veterans of the Coast have this facility available for their care.

The greatest enemy?

Our President, Donald Trump, has called the “news media” America’s greatest enemy. If you believe that you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Tough to handle greatness?

I used to think “Washington” was looking out for me. I now think a lot of “Washington” is looking out for themselves. Politicians come to Washington with a few thousand and too often leave with millions. They tend to fight Trump’s agenda because it means loss of control and revenue for them. Trump has so far fulfilled his promises more than any president I can remember. It appears that many Trump-haters can’t handle “greatness.”

Wanting a do-over

President Obama was one of the best presidents this country has ever had. Without him we would have been thrown into a depression as seen in the 1930s. Even though I voted for most of the Republican presidents during the last 50 years with high hopes, I was consistently disappointed and wished for a do-over, the same as a lot of Trump supporters.

Care for your dog

Dogs are a reflection of their owner. If the dog is kept leashed and trained to be vicious, it is not the dog’s fault. I say punish the owner, not the dog. And put the dog up for adoption so it can be a pet, part of the family, receiving love and giving love.

Here’s the plan

Marijuana in Mississippi is not legalized just like alcohol was during prohibition. Legalize it, have laws in place prohibiting home grown varieties and have a broad law prohibiting the use in a car. Get it off the black market and make tax money on it.

Historic meeting

Amazing, and yet so very sad, to see the left-leaning media try to put a damper on President Trump’s historical meeting with North Korea.

Divide into three?

If California can divide into three separate states, why can’t South Mississippi become a separate state? Our Congressional district borders would be ideal.

Vocal and visible

Wicker and Palazzo, silent and invisible. Ever see them on CSPAN or the political talk shows supporting or defending conservative principles? Ever hear them defend the president when he is smeared by Hollywood, academia, the media? That’s why I voted for their opponents and plan to vote for McDaniel. At least he makes himself vocal and visible.

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