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Sound Off for June 14: It’s time to legalize marijuana

A Sound Off reader says it’s time to legalize marijuana in Mississippi.
A Sound Off reader says it’s time to legalize marijuana in Mississippi. TNS / File

Turn music down

Our population is aging. Please consider in restaurants to turn the music low. That loud music keeps us from having a conversation and relaxing. No need for juke boxes these days. Get yourself earphones and hook up your iPhone.

Good luck to you

I called the Gulfport Sewer and Water Department four or five times for months about a hole between two sunken water meters and the street curb in Northwood Hills on Mimosa Drive. They finally came out last week to make the repairs, but only raised one of the water meters. I called the same number and was told I should call another number concerning the water meter. I did, but there was no number to punch nor human to talk to. I hope the meter reader will have better luck than I did.

A special bond

I think we all can agree that Trump and Kim have a “special bond.”

A changing nation

I used to live in a nation where our president told countries like Russia and North Korea where to get off. Now I live in a nation where our president sucks up to them.

Another party?

I long for a moderate party. A political party between the hard right and the lunatic left. One where people talk to and listen to each other. One that doesn't hate other people just because they have different beliefs. When will wiser heads prevail?

Change the law

Yes, it's time to legalize marijuana and tax it on a federal level to pay for health care, whether it is Medicare or Medicaid. As it is now, the states that have legalized it are benefiting from taxing it for education and other programs. Since marijuana can only be purchased with cash there are no banks the money can legally be deposited. Congress needs to change the federal law now.

All flash

Anyone who thinks Trump accomplished something at the summit in Singapore is a fool. He walked away with nothing other than a piece of paper containing vague promises from North Korea to denuclearize without any plan or timetable for doing so, nor mention of repercussions for failing to do so. Just like Trump himself, this was all flash with no substance.

His accomplishments

Trump has accomplished a lot in 500 days of his presidency. How much more could he have accomplished were it not for negative media coverage, non-supportive Republicans, the Russian collusion investigation and an obstructionist judicial?

Pay the teachers

I do think teachers need fair pay. They are one of the most important peers for our children growing up.

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