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Sound Off for June 12: Parking is needed in Gulfport

A Sound Off reader wonders where will people park in downtown Gulfport once the Mississippi Aquarium opens.
A Sound Off reader wonders where will people park in downtown Gulfport once the Mississippi Aquarium opens. Sun Herald File

Legalize marijuana

I don’t smoke it, but I think marijuana should be legalized. Instead of paying for people being locked up, we could at least be making taxes on it. Everyone arrested on marijuana charges should be released from jail if legalized also. It seems no more dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol.

A sad situation

Actor Robert DeNiro’s recent public vulgar rant is typical of the left-leaning Hollywood elite. His minions do not want Trump to succeed in anything, especially in Singapore. And that is very sad indeed.

Our best interests

You know, it is in all of our best interests if Trump succeeds.

Watch for the turtles

I see a lot of turtles crossing the road lately, especially early in the morning. Please be mindful. Some of those turtles are over 50 years old.

How low can you go?

Democrats suffering from PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder) reached an alarming low with DeNiro’s rant on the president at the Tony Awards. How low can you go?

Acting like kids

Why does the Sun Herald feel a need to use Sound Off to defend its non-biased position? Five more comments bashing Trump and defending the newspaper? Crazy. Someone once said the more you work to convince me something isn’t, the more I become convinced it is. Stop acting like children and simply report the news as adult professionals.

Thank you Sun Herald

Thank you, Sun Herald. It is seldom a “mainstream media” publishes anything critical about Obama. Those who believe Obama was the greatest president ever should be sure to read Thiessen’s editorial in the June 10, paper. I suppose his supporters will yell fake news, but his critics will say Fox News has been reporting this for more than a year. Again, thanks.

How can I help?

Is there any church or volunteer organization gathering food, supplies of any type, especially cleaning supplies, for Puerto Rico? Another hurricane season is upon us and in this entire year, I have not seen anybody collecting for these poor people! I am sure we all would love to donate as we can relate.

Frustrated by parking

Tried to park many times to go to a downtown Gulfport drug store or restaurant. There is hardly any parking during the lunch hours or at night. The parking garage is way down the road. Where are the visitors going to park Gulfport when the Aquarium gets here? I love downtown but if I can’t park being a local don’t you think the visitors are going to get frustrated?

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