Sound Off

Sound Off for June 11: 'Where are the fogging machines?'

A good time

The recent concert at the Bay St. Louis Depot on June 2nd was awesome. Thank you to our Hancock Tourism Bureau for a great time and wonderful experience.

Time for action

Hey Biloxi,

Where are the fogging machines?

Mosquitoes are on the rampage.

Fair and balanced

I read the Sun Herald every day. Some of the Sound Offs make me mad and some I agree with. They are fairly balanced. As for the other Sun Herald articles, I find they are from credible sources, because I compare them with multiple other credible news outlets.

Put the phone down

I went and got a new drivers license and I got there early. There were 15 other people waiting besides me for them to open. Out of the total 16 people only two were not on cell phones. It is really sad when all people do is stare down at their phone and text. They have no idea what is going on around them. Put the phones down for a change and you may get a real life.

A true leader

A.J. Holloway was a leader, and did the best he could for all. God rest his soul.

Fixing the jobs issue

There are now more job openings than there are unemployed workers. Sounds like an easy solution to unemployment. The problem is many unemployed workers lack the skill required by the open jobs. Vocational programs at the local level in high school and junior colleges have been gutted over the past few years. Every young person is encouraged to go to college only to receive a degree that is useless in getting a job. Many would be much better off going to a vocational school. The US DOL should look at and replicate Germany's apprentice/master job training and should fund local vocational training more effectively than what has existed in the past few years.

Be grateful

If you were born in America, you won the lottery. Be grateful, not depressed.

All for show?

Donald Trump is all about looks not substance. He is always trying to erase the image of him as a no show in the military by standing with all military personnel singing the anthem and an audience of governmental workers. Remember what you see and hear from him is only for show.

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