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Sound Off for June 8: Why don’t we have a hotel for the Coliseum yet?

A Sound Off writer asks, where are the hotels for the Mississippi Coast Coliseum?
A Sound Off writer asks, where are the hotels for the Mississippi Coast Coliseum? Sun Herald File

So many questions

I agree with the writer that said we need to get up with the times. We have talked about a new Popp’s Ferry bridge for years. What happened there? And, the Coliseum, where are the new hotels and restaurants? As for Treasure Bay, why are they not clearing or cleaning up their property across 90 where their casino was? I thought there was a deadline to do that.

The booming economy

Donald Trump was elected president, and now we have to live with the booming economy, tax relief, the lowest unemployment, a rebuild of the military, salary increases, and the list goes on. Just look at what we could have got with the other side.

Fair and balanced

Has it not occurred to some of you that the Sun Herald is being fair and balanced? Have you not considered that Barack Obama was a much better, more respectable president than Trump ever would be?

Need I say more?

I'm tired of this leftist-leaning newspaper. But, it appears I might as well not be considering it is owned by a company based in Sacramento, California. Need I say more?

Gather all information

I enjoy reading articles in the Sun Herald from different sources. Some people pick “sides” and only gather information from one source. I also watch Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. I’ve had people walk out or make negative comments about all three, no matter which one I was watching. Picking a “side” and defending your choice no matter what the facts are is dangerous. Gather information from all “sides” to become an educated citizen and voter.

Construction timing?

What municipality would issue a notice to proceed on a construction project on U.S. 90 during the peak of the tourism season? That would be Biloxi

Fee is real

This to extra fees for credit. Yes, unfortunately, this is allowable. I found out when I went to my hair salon. I was told that I would be charged 4 percent for using my credit and/or debit card. Unfortunately I don't carry that much cash or my checkbook on me so I had to suck it up. Needless to say, from now on, I will pay by check.

No more Trump bashing

Many of submissions to Sound Off are from people complaining about "Trump bashing." To these folks I say "don't worry it's almost over." Special counsel Robert Mueller will soon submit the results of his investigation, criminal indictments will issued, Trump will be gone and to paraphrase Richard Nixon from his 1992 press conference "you don't have Trump to kick around anymore.”

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