Sound Off

Sound Off for June 4: Make your voices heard through the ballot box

Union members cast their vote into the ballot box at the Mississippi National Guard Armory in Pascagoula.
Union members cast their vote into the ballot box at the Mississippi National Guard Armory in Pascagoula. Sun Herald file

Quit Trump bashing

A tip for the Sun Herald: Quit using Trump-bashing articles from the Washington Post and New York Times to fill up space in your newspaper. You might just sell more newspapers. South Mississippi is a Trump-supporting, conservative area and would prefer to read a more accurate account of events.

Spread the love

Why is it that whenever we watch golf there is always one camera that follows Tiger? Started watching Thursday and found out that Jason Day had already finished. Today have not seen anything of Jason Day or Adam Scott. Oh, silly me. I forgot it was the Tiger Woods tournament. Surprised they do not show him going to the men’s room. Please show the other golfers.

The new norm

Hustling a deal is becoming the norm.

Siren is needed

Gulfport leaders, we need a siren system to warn us of tornadoes. Have you considered the safety of your constituents? Do you have anything on your bucket lists? If so, don’t forget the northern part of city, as we have two schools up here.

Speak at the polls

Here’s to all of you in Gulfport airing complaints in this Sound Off forum. The only way the council members and mayor will hear you is through the ballot box. Sound off there. It is time for this do nothing bunch to go.

Critical thinking

I think ... therefore I am ... a Conservative. I believe in critical thinking to produce good and beneficial results ... not just good intentions.

Don’t use names

Do not use Roseanne or Trump’s names in the same sentence with morality or civility. Do you use them as a stellar examples for your children?

A little help

A job is critical to success. The long-term unemployed need your help.

No meeting in middle

Hardcore progressive Samantha Bee wanted to show us all she could say something atrocious and reprehensible about President Trump’s daughter with absolute impunity. This to the liberal media, leftist entertainers and her employers. No one will call her out and she faces no tangible consequences. But let anyone on the right say anything slightly extreme and the world falls apart. I fear there is no meeting in the middle anymore.

Special training appreciated

Every human being needs special training and the opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

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