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Sound Off for May 30: Opioids can help people, too

Unas píldoras de oxicodona-acetaminofeno.
Unas píldoras de oxicodona-acetaminofeno. AP

Holiday not all wet

Looks like the weatherman put a damper on our Memorial Day weekend instead of the weather!

To much hype

The fake news weather media, once again, ruined the Memorial Day economy for the Coast. The media scared everyone north of Interstate 10 away, caused canceled hotel rooms and outdoor events across the South. At least the college baseball teams were smarter. Sure, everyone wants early warnings, but the media hype was ridiculous reporting that it could become a hurricane, it could reach 12 inches of rain, it could cause massive flooding. It wasn’t even a tropical storm. We need the media, but we need a media that doesn’t “ hype” the news. Come on man!

Front page news

The article on page 7C In Sunday’s paper About the Indiana teacher who stopped the shooter in the school is a very positive story and should have been on the front page.

The older I get

Why should I pay more for college the older I get? Shouldn’t I be paying less the older I get?

Opioids can help

I didn’t figure you would share my comment in Sound Off. My question was why does everyone focus on the negatives of patients taking opioids? There are patients that would not be able to get out of bed and live a halfway decent life if not for taking them the way they are supposed to take them. They have to jump through hoops to get a prescription because of those that abuse them. People focus on the negative way too much.

Love of country

When we were children in grade school we pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States every morning. Looking back, I don’t think of it as forced patriotism but as love of country.

A lesson here

Just finished watching “Lone Survivor” on this Memorial Day. Remind me again why our pampered athletes can’t bring themselves to salute the flag for which these soldiers have died.

No pleasing some

Instead of feeling fortunate about dodging a bullet with Alberto, people are whining about the media alarming people unnecessarily. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s better to be over-prepared and a storm heads in a different direction or fizzles out than to be under-prepared and a monster storm comes ashore here. We have many military families and other newcomers who have never endured a Katrina. We can’t become complacent.

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