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Sound Off for May 26: Use your headlights in the rain

A car covers the windshield of a truck with spray as it is driven through a flooded section of US 90.
A car covers the windshield of a truck with spray as it is driven through a flooded section of US 90. Sun Herald file photo

Use headlights in rain

When I got onto the interstate in Gulfport on Wednesday at lunchtime, it was raining so hard that even the 18 wheelers were going slowly. I could not believe that there were people on the road with no headlights and changing lanes without turn signals in that horrible downpour. It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

Too little, too late

The new NFL policy about players taking a knee during the national anthem does not go far enough. Instead of allowing them to come out of the locker room if they don’t want to stand for the national anthem, the policy should be “Stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room for the entire game.”

Headlights, please

Why do so many cars drive without their headlights on at night? Isn’t that against the law?

Not just guns

To the person who said parents should lock their guns up: Did you miss the news report that stated the father of the Texas shooter had his guns in a gun safe? Teenagers can try to wrangle around almost any situation and unfortunately this child did. Parenting, violence in society, excuses for bad behavior, etc. it’s not just guns.

Second language

So now it’s a crime to speak a second language? I guess everyone who came to settle in this country automatically spoke English the second they got here! Not my grandparents or uncles; they were bi-lingual all their lives and everyone except Native Americans would have to say that.

Parents responsible

There should be a law about locking up firearms but only Massachusetts does. Parents whose underage children get those unlocked guns and kill fellow students should be sued by parents of the dead children. When they lose money in the lawsuits it will force the locking of guns. Common sense seems absent in many parents and innocent children should not be lost.

What will it take?

Another day with flags at half-staff,more thoughts and prayers,more debate on Facebook and wait for the next one. I’ll bet if radical extremist terrorists were shooting our kids in schools Americans would be more likely to take action.

Exploding deficit

The Republican Party used to be the party of fiscal responsibility but that’s long gone. They somehow think the cutting taxes is enough, but the way they’ve done it on the state and federal level is downright irresponsible. The state has cut so much that it can’t afford to fix highways and bridges or fund critical services like education and mental health. At the federal level, get ready for the deficit to explode.

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