Sound Off

Sound Off for May 24: Shuckers singer nails the National Anthem

Olivia Hernstrom sings the National Anthem
Olivia Hernstrom sings the National Anthem Biloxi Shuckers

What a performance

I want to commend the performance of 11-year-old Olivia Hernstrom, who sang the National Anthem at the Monday night Shuckers game. “Paid” singers need to take note how professional this young lady was. She sang it how it was meant to be sung, no wailing, etc. Great job Olivia and kudos to the Shuckers for picking her to sing.

Limited government needed

The role of government must be limited.

What is wrong here?

Due to Trump lowering corporate tax rates, many power companies are lowering customers’ rates. For example, Entergy Louisiana is lowering everyone’s electric bill an average of over $11 per month. Meanwhile, Mississippi Power is asking for rate increases. What’s wrong with this picture?

List goes on

As the writer proclaimed in the Monday morning Sound Off, “our federal government is responsible and needs to be replaced from top to bottom.” How convenient! Let’s see, the NRA, assault rifles, and now the federal government has joined the list of causes to these school shootings. Maybe admitting to root causes like bad or missing parenting. the cheapening of life via abortion clinics and violence being promoted through entertainment as a heroic, rewarded norm. The list goes on.

Lock the guns up

The family of the latest school shooter is “shocked and confused.” His teammates never thought he’d do anything like this. No one ever thinks it would be their child/friend. Since this nation has decided that current gun rights are more important than innocent lives, it is the responsibility of gun owners to do their part to help ensure these school shootings stop. If you own guns, lock them up. It may very well be your family member who is the next one.

Following directions

Why does all news media put very negative posts in regards to the opiate crisis? You never hear a good story where a person is taking their meds the way they are supposed to be taken. The people who abuse this medication have made it almost impossible for honest patients.

For the sake of justice

Editor, explain to your intellectually-challenged subscriber base that Robert Mueller is moving very fast, and that his probe is justified. Your readers are informed by Fox News. Call that propaganda out ... for the sake of justice.

A sign-in policy?

You’re on point with the metal detectors and exit doors. May I add that anyone entering a school that doesn’t belong there shouldn’t have access. Take note from elementary schools and make everyone sign in.

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