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Sound Off for May 23: Drivers need to follow rules of the road, especially in the rain

The food delivery app, Waitr, told the Sun Herald that as long as it's safe this weekend, their employees will be delivering food to customers.
The food delivery app, Waitr, told the Sun Herald that as long as it's safe this weekend, their employees will be delivering food to customers. Sun Herald File

Follow the rules

It never fails. As soon as it starts raining hard, some over cautious driver thinks it is a good idea to have their car flashers on, usually in the left lane. They then change lanes without a turn signal ... in the pouring rain. Obviously it is a good idea to slow down and not drive aggressively in bad weather. But if they are not aware of the rules pull over until it stops raining.

What the NRA loves

You almost got it right. We do have to come to a common sense middle ground on gun control. Where you are wrong is saying the mantra of liberals is to ban all guns. That is simply untrue rhetoric to stir the conservative base, and the NRA loves it.

Wear your seat belt

Too bad the highway patrol and other police agencies spend so little time enforcing the seat belt laws. There is so much money to be made. I personally believe that when someone is killed or injured in an accident, where it can be proven that they were breaking the law at the time of the accident, insurers should have the right to refuse to pay benefits related to the incident. No death benefits, no hospital costs, no auto repairs, no nothing. Maybe a good solid kick in the pants like that would get people to finally obey the law. Writing laws that have some teeth in them might help also.

The real problem

No breed is inherently vicious. Breed-specific bans don't work and do not target the real problem, which is irresponsible dog owners.

Policies don’t work

Socialism, the embryo of communism, has ruined Venezuela, which a few years ago was bustling, free and prosperous. Actors Danny Glover and Sean Penn used to be enamored by its socialist leaders but they don't say much now. Yet, liberals in places like Seattle are undeterred in trying to implement the same failed policies in America. They don't work.

Raised and nurtured?

The government cannot fix the school shooting epidemic any more than they can cure the common cold. The problem is deeper than a "quick fix." Evil lurks, but where are these young people who commit such atrocities coming from? How are they raised and nurtured? Think about it.

Good Senate material?

I really wish Chris McDaniel would drop out of politics. In the last election, with his temper tantrum after his loss and the way he responded to the Rose Cochran scandal, he has just proven himself to be the exact opposite of good Senator material.

Not a good move

Shame on the Bay council for removing the best representative of our city from the Hancock Historical Commission. Very disappointed in our new City Council members.

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