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Sound Off for May 22: Thanks to all the Good Samaritans after accident


Thanks for help

I would like to say thank you to all the kind people who went out of their way on May 15 to help me when my car flipped on its side after trying to avoid a ladder in the middle of U.S. 49. I was hanging by the seat belt only and many gentlemen put my car backup right to keep me from getting further injuries. There was a man trying to keep me calm and a woman who said she was a nurse trying to get me to slow my breathing down before the first responders showed up. God put you all in my path that day, you were my guardian angels, I am so grateful and thankful to you all. Thank you to all the first responders too, you were all very kind and compassionate. God Bless you all. To the one whose ladder fell off their vehicle, I hope you make sure that never happens again, this could have been so much worse.

Parents are responsible

Parents need to be held responsible for their children having access to weapons of any kind. They are responsible for their behavior until they are 18 years old.

Outside factors help

I'm tired of people saying that you are 100 percent responsible for how your life turns out. The idea of the self-made person is a myth. Nobody got to where they are without a little bit of luck. Outside factors play a part in success whether you want to admit it or not.

Root problems not solved

We can turn our schools into penitentiaries with locks everywhere but that is not getting the root problem solved. Too many students with mental health problems not treated, too many poor without a livable wage, too many uneducated and too easy access to guns. These problems are seemingly too hard to solve for our government so they throw money at locks and walls.

Nothing will happen

Trump has weakened our diplomatic position in all areas except Russia and Israel. He has dropped our moral standing to his level at home and in the world. His economics has benefited the rich and done nothing for the middle class and poor as the tax cuts are minimal to nonexistent. His White House has been a revolving door because of the reality of working with Trump. He tries but is unsuited for the job and until Congress decides the welfare of the public outweighs the money for their re-election nothing will happen.

The problem is us

Another senseless act of gun violence. But here we go again! The liberal mantra is to ban all guns. Never going to happen. Let's come to the middle on some solutions to make our country safer and enough of the rhetoric. The problem is us as a society.

In spite of it

It is true, Mr. Emerick, that “some recovery” occurred under President Obama but not due to his economic policy but rather in spite of it. Democrats lost the presidency because they believed their economic propaganda while Middle America didn't. Most Americans had not experienced the “recovery.” That's why they voted for Trump in normally Democratic strongholds.

Want him to succeed

I don't understand the media's excitement and apparent joy that Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un may be called off. No matter how much leftists may hate Trump, they should want him to succeed in possibly keeping them from being blown up.

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