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Sound Off for May 21: Too many unknown, unwanted calls on my phone

One Sound Off says too many calls are from unknown or blocked numbers.
One Sound Off says too many calls are from unknown or blocked numbers. MCT

Vicious dogs

It is past time to ban vicious breeds of dogs in Gulfport; namely, pit bulls. There are deaths and severe injuries every year from these dogs. No one is safe walking anywhere in Gulfport!

Who’s calling?

I counted all the telephone IDs on my phone today and 38 out of 50 were: caller unknown, invalid number, toll free call. Two of them were from 2 local businesses and one was from SSI. I did not answer a single one.

Save our students

There is no doubt that our President, Senate and House are incapable of taking action to save our students. They have talked but are unable to turn that into action. It is obvious that we need new people in all those positions. There is no excuse for what is happening in our country and the fault is all on our government.

Trump supporter

I support President Trump because he is focused on results rather than just good intentions. While the success of an otherwise failed political program may be faked, you can't fake the structure, workings, and livability of a building. I am glad he came into the presidency with little political experience but with a ton of practicality. He is not politically correct and I am thankful for that. He is what America needs to strengthen our economic, diplomatic, and moral position in the world.

Not the problem

School shootings are a growing tragedy. Many blame it on guns; but the problem is deeper than that. Guns have been in this country since the pilgrims landed in 1620; but school shootings did not become a problem until 370 years later. This is a problem with how our society raises children.

School safety

The father with a child killed has the answer — metal detectors and exit doors which can only be opened from inside. Same for classroom doors.

Bridge lights

I have driven over the I-110 bridge both Friday and Saturday nights and the lights are not on. Mayor Fofo Gilich, please tell me what’s going on. It’s pretty dark on that bridge.

Action needed

Please explain to me what is being done to stop the school shootings.

Schools, roads 1st

Money from casinos, sports betting or even a possible lottery will never help roads and education until we get rid of these greedy politicians who refuse to earmark the money for roads and education. Their desire to put these funds in the general funds is pure greed. The money never seems to be available when it’s needed. These people should be scrutinized and investigated to see where our money goes.

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